• Nice Package


    In the world of fashion wholesale there are many moving parts: design, sampling, production, marketing and, of course, packaging. If packaging is an afterthought in your business then there’s a problem.

  • Retail Speak


    How many years have you been coming to the shows in Vegas? And, not to put too fine a point on it, does it still get your motor running? We asked just that, plus a few other burning questions to some of North America’s preeminent retailers. Some are searching for that “missing link” while others relish the chance to catch a coffee with old friends. But they’re all doing business this season and here’s what they have to say.

  • Brands to Buy


    We all know how valuable your real estate is on the sales floor. With limited space, you need to make every square foot count by featuring products that will sell. Although not extensive, below are a select group of brands that have the potential to ring the register and give you that return you are looking for.

  • Las Vegas, Fall ’15, Specialty Stores and Apparel Insiders


    It’s that time of year again folks, the hustle and bustle (and partying) that is Las Vegas Market. And this editor would like to emphasis the Las Vegas part of Market. For those that continue to address this coming week as MAGIC Market, the 1990’s called and wants its show name back.The 90’s is when the MAGIC men’s show was last relevant and I’ll give a quarter to anyone that can tell me what MAGIC stands for.

  • Here Comes The Boom


    Tony Chu has been at the core of many successful marketing campaigns over the years. From traditional to social media to experiential marketing, he has seen and done it all. An admitted “techno junkie”, and admitting you have a problem is the first step, Chu understands what resonates with today’s media savvy consumers and how a brand needs to a have voice, and message, of its own.

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