• State of the Surf Industry


    It’s not all about selling T-shirts and boardshorts to teenage boys. Head of sales and marketing for new trade show Launch, Joshua Hunter shared his opinion about what’s wrong with the state of surf brands today and what can be done about it.

  • Putting the Fun in Funding


    The fashion world would rather discuss the bottom hem than the bottom line. Yet, fashion cannot come to fruition without ample funding. In order to obtain the necessary capital to create a collection, up-and-coming designers have turned to different avenues: reality television like Project Runway, the online funding platform Kickstarter and the annual FashInvest conference, which introduces fashion entrepreneurs to venture capitalists.

  • Guest Editor: Abe Gurko


    Something strange is happening in the denim business that’s affecting my desire to even wear jeans.
    Denim is so over-exposed that it’s begun to lose its fresh, fashionable appeal. A tight-fitting pair of jeans has — and always will — look very sexy on the right butt. But lately, more people than not are:

  • Stop Your Whining

    Business not going as well as you’d like? It’s time to end the complaining and take responsibility for the state of your brand. And that includes failures.

  • Five Things about Social Media that Fashion PR Often Gets Wrong


    A social media maven with deep roots in PR relays the do’s and don’ts of extending a brand’s personality online. We could argue until Betsey Johnson retires (never!) about which department should “own” social media — marketing, PR, branding, customer service?

  • Pass the Crystal Ball, Please


    You may have jumped on a Boris bike in London or rented a Vélib’ in Paris or used the Zipcar service in the States, but
    have you ever thought about sharing what’s left of your evening meal with your neighbor or bartering Western outfits?