The NTWRK Agency in Los Angeles has been representing a diverse streetwear clientele for the past 7 years. Formed originally as The Agenda Showroom, the agency changed its name a year ago, but maintains its warm relationship with the Agenda action sports tradeshow. We spoke with NTWRK Agency President, Kellen Roland about his client roster, his agency’s strategy and the best ways to keep the buyers coming back.

What are you hearing from buyers?
Kellen Roland: The economy has stabilized and is growing in certain areas. Our customers are back in stores and spending their disposable income wisely. I think this, combined with brands making better product, is the recipe for a better retail environment for the customer, the retailer and the brand.

What is selling?
KR: Accessories are trending.  I see consumers using accessories as a way of personalizing their style whether it be with a backpack, headphones or socks. With that said, most of my retailers make their money from tee shirt sales.

What’s trending around the corner?
KR: It’s all cyclical. I see prints everywhere. Accessory brands are not showing any signs of slowing down either.

What, in your opinion, is the future of menswear and streetwear? 
KR: Menswear, I see a bright future. We have entered an era of what I am calling the refined gentlemen. Men are taking better care of themselves in many ways, from what they wear to their personal hygiene. With the explosion of brands like Aesop, Baxter of California and (MALIN+GOETZ), now it’s cool to dress like your dad. As for streetwear I see a hungry new batch of consumers eating it up. Streetwear has gone from this niche cult market to a worldwide trend.

What brands are you most excited about in NTWRK’s lineup right now? 
KR: I am excited about all of our brands. Each brand is special and has a unique take on their segment of the market. I am predicting a big back to school season for all of our brands. I can’t wait to start shipping our retail partners in July.

– Rebecca Paiement

The NTWRK Agency Brands:
Herschel Supply Co
Richer Poorer
Iron & Resin
Two In The Shirt

110 E. 9TH Street Suite B413
Los Angeles, CA 90079
O: 213.223.5113
F: 213.223.5115

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