With the October release of e-book “Pitch Perfect: The PR Couture Guide to Fashion Media Coverage,” Crosby Noricks opens the door to even more hands-on tips and insider advice while expanding her brand. The e-book of public relations basics and “how to pitch” tips marks Noricks’ first experience with electronic publishing – a scary but exciting move as she grows her PR Couture blog into a business that includes her first book, “Ready to Launch,” as well as three media contact lists and other services.

“Going from one product to multiple products has been a really interesting shift,” says the San Diego-based marketer/entrepreneur/blogger. “You have this blog and this book and this e-book and these media lists. It’s shifting my perception of PR Couture as less of a blog and more of a brand. That’s been an interesting transition in how I approach things.”

The e-book idea debuted after Noricks attended the inspirational World Domination Summit 2012 in Portland, Oregon, and discovered that she was ready to begin selling media contact lists  but with an educational component or “actionable take-aways.” The 60-page e-book costs $29 by itself or comes free with the purchase of a fashion media contact list, starting at $97.

With her first book offered as a hard copy via Amazon.com, Noricks also felt inspired to try an unfamiliar form of self-publishing. “I had learned a lot about self-publishing with ‘Ready to Launch,’ she explains. “The first time you launch something, you’re proving that you can do it. I wanted to test a different approach and see what would happen if I sold it just on PR Couture.”

Available as a PDF file, “Pitch Perfect” breaks down fashion public relations into 10 steps such as “PR the PR” or “Become a trusted source” and then builds on that foundation with nine refreshed articles from the blog’s varied contributors. The book finishes with seven “how to pitch” articles of detailed tips from sought-after professionals, including fashion editor Rachel Aschenbrand of People StyleWatch.

“I was really pleased with the response I got from the editors,” Noricks says. “Their willingness to provide content and be forthcoming was really powerful, because it’s precisely the information that publicists need to know to get started on building a positive relationship.”

While creating the book, Noricks envisioned certain types of publicists as her readers: an independent designer who has to do her own PR or someone who’s coming into the industry and needs some validation. She used the 10 steps to set the stage for the revised articles about pitching. “I wanted to make the book very actionable and straightforward,” she says. “I didn’t want it to have unnecessary fluff. I wanted to help people get off on the right foot when it comes to pitching.

“One of the biggest mistakes is not creating very clear goals and objectives,” Noricks continues. “I couldn’t get to the pitching process without laying out the basics and putting PR into a broader business framework.”

– Amy K. Hooper


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